Alaska Junction Station


In July 2022, the Sound Transit Board identified the Medium Tunnel 41st Avenue Station Alternative incorporating refinement to West Entrance that shifts station entrance to 42nd Avenue Southwest as the preferred alternative in the West Seattle Junction segment. This preferred alternative for the Alaska Junction station is a tunnel station located under 41st Avenue Southwest straddling Southwest Alaska Street. This page provides more detail about the preferred alternative. We will continue to study all the station locations analyzed in the Draft EIS as part of the Final EIS, anticipated to be published in mid-2024. The Sound Transit Board will determine the final project to be built after the Final EIS is published.

Map of Alaska Junction station area showing preferred alternative tunnel route with a staiton on 41st Avenue Southwest. There are several other alternatives shown both elevated and tunnel with stations on 42nd Avenue Southwest, and Fauntleroy Way Southwest.
  • Interest in stations closer to the Alaska Junction.
  • Create a destination that reinforces the character of the neighborhood and supports businesses on California Ave Southwest.
  • Prioritize pedestrian connectivity and comfort with enhanced street crossings, wide sidewalks, and pedestrian lighting.
  • Complete bike connections to the station.
  • Investigate ways to connect the station to the future public park on 40th Avenue Southwest with mid-block pathways.
  • Integrate station and new development into the existing neighborhood character.
  • Consider how the future light rail would continue to the south.
  • Improve the five-way intersection at Fauntleroy Way Southwest and Southwest Alaska St so it is easier to cross.

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Alaska Junction Station preferred alternative

Diagrams show approximate representation of project location, design elements, and access concepts and are for illustrative purposes only. Additional information about project benefits and impacts will be available in the Final Environmental Impact Statement, anticipated to be published in mid-2024. If you have questions about potentially affected properties, please contact the project team.