Delridge Station


In July 2022, the Sound Transit Board identified the Andover Street Station Lower Height Alternative incorporating refinement that shifts the alignment south towards Southwest Yancy Street as the preferred alternative in the Delridge segment. The preferred alternative for the Delridge station is an elevated station west of Delridge Way Southwest and north of Southwest Andover Street. This page provides more detail about the preferred alternative station. We will continue to study all the station locations analyzed in the Draft EIS as part of the Final EIS, anticipated to be published in mid-2024. The Sound Transit Board will determine the final project to be built after the Final EIS is published.

Map of delridge station area showing preferred alternative route with an elevated station near Delridge Way Southwest and Southwest Andover Street. There are several other elevated alternatives shown with stations on Delridge Way Southwest near Southwest Dakota Street and west of Delridge Way Southwest near Dakota Street Southwest.
  • General support for lower height alternatives that would lead to tunnels in the West Seattle Junction Segment to minimize neighborhood impacts.
  • Opposition to tall guideway structures that feel out of character with the existing neighborhood context and would result in visual and noise impacts.
  • Concern about freight traffic and station access near Nucor Steel.
  • The need for efficient, easy transfers to/from buses, especially for low-income and minority populations connecting from the south.
  • Support for equitable transit-oriented development at the Delridge Station, regardless of alternative; including mixed-use development with groceries and fresh food retail to serve the neighborhood.
  • Optimize the light rail experience and community amenities while minimizing displacement of existing uses.
  • Walking and biking connections are important, but bus transfers should be prioritized.
  • Strengthen connectivity to informal local trails off 26th Avenue Southwest and provide traffic calming.
  • Preserve and protect the Longfellow Creek watershed.
  • Need better east-west connections and improve the walking and biking environment on Delridge Way SW, which currently feels unsafe.

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Delridge Station preferred alternative

Diagrams show approximate representation of project location, design elements, and access concepts and are for illustrative purposes only. Additional information about project benefits and impacts will be available in the Final Environmental Impact Statement, anticipated to be published in mid-2024. If you have questions about potentially affected properties, please contact the project team.